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We've launched the Church Streaming License, a modern license that provides a complete solution for today's churches.Learn More


Introducing the Church Streaming License

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Today launches a modern license that provides a complete solution for today’s churches.

Watch the announcement to learn all about how the Church Streaming License saves you time with auto-reporting, integrates with the ecosystem, and what it covers.

The first of its kind.

Over the last several decades, the way churches operate has changed alongside technology. The Church Streaming License was created to meet the needs of today.

As highlighted by Kristian Ponsford, Director of Products at, usage of lyrics in person or on a livestream, streaming your services, and all MultiTracks products are covered. And simply by using setlists in our ecosystem, your song activity will be reported for you.

Partnering with purpose.

“For years we’ve wished there was a more automatic solution when it comes to licensing, so we love the fact that MultiTracks is doing it. Use their Import from Planning Center feature and that content is automatically reported. Anyone who is interested in simple and automatic reporting, go to MultiTracks and check out all the new features they’re putting in place to save you time.”
-Aaron Stewart

We’ve collaborated to bring you the ability to import your Planning Center setlists directly into Playback, saving time and ensuring accurate reporting.

Watch the full announcement.

We’ve taken the complexity out of licensing by offering one license that covers everything you need for reporting on Visit the link below to watch the full announcement, learn more about the Church Streaming License, and even reach out with questions or for a curated walkthrough.

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