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Indie Showcase: Coming Home by Cole Jennette

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This week, we are pleased to feature Coming Home, the debut EP from Riverside Church worship pastor Cole Jennette.  This new release was birthed when Cole felt God calling him to write an album that embodied the honest, transparent, disciple-making culture he had grown to love at his home church in Fort Myers, Florida.  "So many people had been coming into our culture and telling us that it felt like home. We knew it wasn't the building that made people feel that way, or even the music: It was God's love speaking through His people and His holy spirit. I wanted to write an album that felt like that. Home." God's deep love is an overriding theme in the album. This is reflected in the title track, "Coming Home," which praises the way God embraces us with the love of a father, always welcoming us back even when we stray. It has a light Southern feel and it describes this love in a relatable and familiar way, "It's kind of like Sunday morning singing hallelujah. You never let me go, You never let me go. It's kind of like open arms when I've been away too long. It feels like coming home, it feels like coming home." Cole shares that "Quiet My Busy Mind" is "a prayer song for the times in life that you find yourself needing to fix your eyes on Jesus. When all the business pulls, but you know all you need is Him." It recognizes that His love is a refuge in the midst of the struggles we face in this world and affirms that He is sufficient in every way. "Great Grace" is a beautiful anthem that worships God for the magnitude of His love and the incredible grace He shows us in every aspect of our lives. Rejoicing that there is no place His grace can't find us, the song praises, "God in Your great grace, You give me strength to long for and do your will. In my day of doubt, You won't walk out. Your love for Your child is strong. Your love for Your child is strong." Be sure to check out all the songs from Coming Home, now available for download on iTunes! Coming Home - Cole Jennette
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