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Indie Showcase: "All For Jesus" by Allison Park Worship

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This week, we are excited to showcase All For Jesus, a brand new album from Allison Park Worship.  This collective of worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania desires to the create atmospheres where people can connect with God.  They do this by crafting and leading songs with theological depth and declarative prayers that they refer to as "Songs with a mission." All For Jesus recognizes the awesome majesty of God and encourages people to worship Him with awe and wonder.  The title track, "All For Jesus" is a beautiful ballad that recognizes that the greatest cause we have in this life is to give every part of ourselves to Christ. It prayerfully dedicates all that we are to him, declaring "One life to live, one heart to give, all for Jesus, all for Jesus. I will live, I will give all for Jesus, all for Jesus." "Beautiful Mystery" reverently approaches God in amazement of all that He is. Posing questions that emphasize His glory, the anthem praises, "Great is our God who set us free and great is the Son who hung from the tree. And great is the spirit who lives in me, oh beautiful mystery!" "Brilliant Glory" is another anthem that showcases just how awesome and worthy God is of our exaltation, worshipping, "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord Almighty.  Worthy Worthy Worthy is the Lord Almighty.  God of brilliant glory shining in Your splendor.  Holy Holy Holy is the Lord!" Be sure to check out the entire album, now available on iTunes!  Download your copy today! All For Jesus - Allison Park Worship
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