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HomeGrown Worship - "So Good" & "Every Ounce"

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HomeGrown Worship is a community that exists to share brand new worship songs with you every week. They have recently celebrated the milestone of having 10,000 Spotify streams for their song "Every Ounce." The song draws inspiration from the Biblical account of a woman pouring out a very expensive jar of perfume on Jesus to prepare Him for His burial - a year’s worth of wages in today’s money. The song is a stake in the ground for Homegrown Worship: an achievement, and possibly the most apt song for the church community in this season; with simplicity and sacrifice, we are here to do one thing: worship Jesus, giving our all and pouring out every ounce. The second single, "So Good," is a joyful celebration of the God who holds our hopes, dreams and our future throughout life’s troubles. The song's writer A​ndy Baker shares, "One thing I can be certain of is that God will be as good tomorrow as He was yesterday and as He is today. Romans 8 reminds us that He works for good through our circumstances; He works for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.​" Homegrown Worship
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