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Getting Started With Playback

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Are you brand new to using Playback? Check out our Getting Started with Playback training series to learn more on how to use Playback Intro and Playback Pro to run MultiTracks. We've added a few videos showing the new features of Playback and will be updating the series often.  Be sure to check back regularly on our Playback page for new features and videos!

NEW-Infinite Loop

Connecting your iPad to your Soundboard

Changing the Default Guide Cue Language in Playback

 Dynamic Guide Cues in Playback Pro

Getting your iPad Ready for the Stage

Playback Pro: Building a Setlist

Playback Pro Advanced Settings

Playback Pro Interface

Troubleshooting Playback

Using Pan in Playback

Playback Pro: Editing Song Arrangements

Playback Pro: Editing Start and End Time in Playback Pro

Playback Pro: Live Looping

Creating a 1 Bar Click Count in

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