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Garden City - Every Moment

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Garden City, the worship ministry of Mosaic Church in Winter Garden, Florida, has released their first EP Every Moment. The band shares, "It’s our hope that this first collection of songs will take root and grow within the daily lives of our people, stirring us together in unity on Sundays and beyond. As we carry the Gospel in all the spaces to which we have been called, we are believing that God will use Every Moment to cultivate in us a passion for deeper prayer and worship." Garden City worship leader Seth Kaye shares, “I have always loved metaphor, and though the garden is much more to me than metaphor (it’s a little glimpse of residual Eden and the already not yetness of God redeeming His children and His creation), I have begun to understand that the Garden where God first set Adam and Eve to work the ground was the first story He tells us in which mankind plays a role in exemplifying how we are to live and worship day to day, with intentional purpose and divine conviction.” Garden City's manifesto is below.
In the beginning, Creator God breathed into humankind His life and likeness. Charging what was clay and dust to take on form, He bore His image in us. Filled with purpose, we were sown like seeds into an unblemished homeland to work and keep the ground that was entrusted to us. Unable to resist the temptation to act as our own gods, we became infected with the virus of sin and established for ourselves a fallen kingdom, subject to the inevitable tear of time and disintegration of all created things. But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which He loved us, has restored our purpose and invites us to participate in the redemptive work that He is cultivating here and now. Our commission is renewed, not only as co-creators with God the Father, but as co-redeemers with Christ the Son, who, sharing His yoke with us, guides us forward in tilling the soil where we ourselves have been planted. Garden City is pressing into the dirt, into the mud and the muck and the mire, sowing into this ground our faith and hope and joy, dependent upon the Holy Spirit, knowing that the Word of the Lord does not return void but yields every good fruit in its season. Like a mustard seed overtaking the field where it is planted, the kingdom of heaven is bursting forth from every promise He made to produce life where there was no life. We will tend to this garden because it is the land we have been given. We will faithfully steward the harvest set before us for the glory of the One who causes the seed to grow, sharing prayers as songs to exalt our Maker and nourish the Church.
  Every Moment - Garden City
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