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Dupree | Never Forget

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DUPREE is a Christian contemporary mother-son duo comprised of Lauren & Dylan Dupree. Their uplifting, feel-good music has elements of heavy pop, rock, harmonies and Dylan's impressive & soulful guitar riffs. Their latest album Never Forget is now available! Here are their song backstories:

Praise Be
“This song is a reminder that Jesus will always take you out of the darkness and that you are a child of God. He is a remedy for the heartsick and the answer to all your pain. Jesus saves!”

Lean In
“This song is about leaning in to God and coming closer to Him when the world is getting you down. When people are not treating you well, draw closer to God and He will come to you and be your strength. Only He can give you peace and the ability to realize your dreams when no one else believes in you. God can open doors that no man can shut.”

Walking It (World Go By)
“We all have the responsibility of evangelizing. As Matthew 15:16 says: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” We are called to help one another…the poor, the needy, the bullied, the lonely. Are we going to sit and watch the world go by or are we going to use our time wisely? This is what we are called to do. As we do these things for others and share God’s love, we do them for Jesus.”

Chapel Song (Old Dirt Road)
Chapel Song is about a little church off a dirt road at Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. We would visit this church on the tour and dream about what it was like for people to gather, sing praise, and share fellowship in more simple times. This song is meant to inspire people today to share these wonderful moments with each other with no judgement, but a DUPREE Never Forget Album Song Stories community of fellowship and belonging for everyone to experience the joy of Jesus!

Stronger Together
We are called to love one another as God loves us. We are stronger and better together. When one of us is hurting and being torn down by others emotionally or spiritually, this is not what God asks of us. Let’s help our brothers and sisters that feel they do not belong. We are all perfectly and wonderfully made in the image of God! Let them know they are valuable!

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