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Dan Bremnes | Wherever I Go (Acoustic Sessions)

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Award winning singer/songwriter Dan Bremnes follows the original studio version of his album Wherever I Go with the new Wherever I Go (Acoustic Sessions). “Making Wherever I Go was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” shares Dan. “I loved the production we came up with, but also wanted to show a different side of these songs; I wanted to go back to the honest roots of where they were born. Just me and a guitar and/or piano.” The project features 5 very special guest artists, including: Mike Donehey [“Weakness (Acoustic)”], Stars Go Dim [“Searching For Something (Acoustic)”], Britt Bremnes (Dan’s wife) [“Going Together (Acoustic)”], Love & The Outcome [“Up Again (Acoustic)”], and Meredith Andrews [“Beautiful (Acoustic)”]. About “The Way (Acoustic)”: Award winning singer/songwriter Dan Bremnes brings us his latest radio single, “The Way,” from his current album, Wherever I Go. “I used to think when everything was going amazingly in my life, God was rewarding me for something that I’d done right. And on the contrary, when things started to fall apart, I thought he was punishing me,” Bremnes shares. “I read a verse in John that says, ‘There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear.’ When I read that, I started to see a different pattern. All of the good things, all of the difficult things, were all a part of the same package, and it was covered in love.” The Bremnes co-penned song emphasizes how, as Dan shares, “God is taking us and turning us into being people more like Him by showing ‘The Way’.”          
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