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Caleb & Kelsey - Glorious Day: Worship & Hymns

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In two short years, Caleb and Kelsey have struck a major chord with their listeners. With close to 3 Million Facebook likes, almost 500 Million video views on Facebook, 65 Million views on YouTube and several #1 selling albums, their music is resonating deeply with their continuously growing fanbase. Their transparency not only in music but in their lives, marriage and social media have garnered a hugely loyal following. As you plan your upcoming worship sets, consider these acoustic arrangements from Glorious Day: Worship & Hymns. Their interpretations of today’s worship songs are unique in the unique simplicity of the arrangements which allow the listener to hear songs in a more personal and intimate setting. Caleb and Kelsey’s arrangements have been sought after and adopted by many churches because of the unique vocal stylings that work for any church worship team no matter the size. Their new worship album entitled, “Glorious Day: Worship & Hymns” contains 10 newly recorded songs featuring 5 of the biggest worship songs today including, “ “King Of Kings,” “See A Victory.” Additionally, there are 5 original worship songs where timeless hymns have been reimagined with newly written choruses making these songs come alive in new ways for any fan of worship music or classic hymns. Featured original songs include, “I Surrender All (All I Am)” and “I Need Thee (Need You Now).” Worship music is sought after by millions of listeners today; Caleb and Kelsey deliver something extremely unique and fresh with their artistry and approach to interpreting popular worship songs today.  
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