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Alive Worship | Gott ist so viel mehr

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Alive Worship is a christian band from Germany, founded in 2016. It embodies the worship ministry of Alive Church Germany and started performing all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the beginning of 2018. Alive Worship released their second album „Vollkommene Liebe“ (engl. Perfect Love) in January 2019 charted the German iTunes Charts at number 43 (20. January 2019). In 2020, Alive Worship played their first show in a non-German speaking country in Metz, France. Their vision is unambiguous: Sharing new worship songs and being part of the current awakening within the German worship culture.

God Is So Much More. That is the name of Alive Worship's third album. Passion for worship has always distinguished Alive Worship. Their new album is personal, genuine, and profound - songs inspired by encounters with God. Alive Worship found new words and matched them with a multi-layered, catchy pop-electro sound to create a relevant and modern worship album. "My wish is that these songs will help bring people out of ‘Sunday Christianity.’ An encounter with God is possible - every day," says Salvatore Gangi. "'God is so much more' is about breaking and starting over. About mercy, death and eternity and the decision to boundlessly trust in God."


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