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Vineyard Worship - My Hope Has Come

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Chronicling the worship journey of the Vineyard creative community through the challenges of 2020, My Hope Has Come is a compilation of our monthly singles from 2020, featuring both the STUDIO and LIVE versions. Songs such as "Familia", "The Hidden Place", and "You Speak" are the first fruits of our new partnership with the historic worship ministry, Integrity Music. Finally, the hopeful title track "Cherry Blossoms", is a song so relevant to the current cultural moment we find ourselves in. 

“From the very beginning of the Vineyard movement, our value for intimate worship emerged from hearts hungry for God. This hunger remains the essence of worship in our movement. Vineyard Worship exists to GATHER, TRAIN, DOCUMENT and INSPIRE our deep-rooted value for worship [and Vineyard songs] in our local churches.”

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Vineyard Worship | You Don’t Have To Lose Heart

Friday, February 5, 2021

Vineyard Worship exists as an organic extension of the Vineyard church movement in the USA (Vineyard USA). "We believe that the songs, words and expression of our worship are different because they are informed and infused with Vineyard core values -- intimacy, accessibility and authenticity. Our music is not written from within a vacuum; it comes from the trenches of local Vineyard church ministry as they seek to experience engaging the Kingdom of God in their local communities."

"Riding on the heels of their latest release, My Hope Has Come, Vineyard Worship’s single of the month for February, You Don’t Have to Lose Heart, is a timely song of encouragement for believers young and old. From the opening call of the verse Hey now, you don’t have to lose heart... we are only at the start of what He’s doing here, to the reassurance in line one of the chorus Let us put our trust in the One who carries us, 'You Don’t Have To Lose Heart' is a beautiful reminder that God is at work in a story much greater than what we can see, and certainly more powerful and steadfast than anything our current news cycles portray."

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Vineyard Worship | "You Speak"

Friday, December 4, 2020

New Vineyard Worship single "You Speak" beautifully balances simplicity and depth. From telling of the creative wonder birthed out of God’s Word at the beginning of time, to reminding us of His voice still resonating and shaping our lives today, the song evolves on a calming melody that brings the listener back to restful trust. This song cleverly explores the whole story of the Gospel and is a timely release as we all face this year’s continuous difficulties; though the world is in chaos, the Lord’s voice is still at work ready to bring new things into being. "You speak and make right / Chaos to order / The sky from water / You speak and make right."

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Three New Vineyard Worship Singles

Monday, October 14, 2019

Following the release of two singles earlier this year, "More Than Anything" and "God of Our Mothers and Fathers," Vineyard Worship has released a brand new song, "Everything." The new single is an energetic, uptempo anthem for the modern Church. Featuring dynamic newcomer, Liam Bernhard, on vocals, "Everything" pulses with echoes of Young The Giant and The Killers.

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Vineyard Worship - "You Meet Me Here"

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Birthed out of a songwriting group from Mile High Vineyard in Denver, Colorado, Vineyard Worship's new single, “You Meet Me Here” was inspired by the themes of God’s presence and faithfulness from Psalm 139. John Haas shares, “The original inspiration for the song came from Psalm 139 and during the 2018 Lent season, and was centered around themes of God's presence and faithfulness. Coming out of a hard season of struggle, disappointment, and discouragement, we felt like we could celebrate not just what God was doing to redeem that but also that he had been with us through the entire process.”

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Vineyard Worship - "Eden"

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Vineyard Worship has released a new single, "Eden." The team shares, “Jesus makes Eden possible for people whose lives have been distorted and derailed by sin. It’s only in and through Jesus that our deserts can become gardens, that our winters can be fruitful, and that even death can be life. Jesus is everything.” Original Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship-leading resources for "Eden" are now available.

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Vineyard Worship - 3 New Singles

Friday, March 29, 2019

Vineyard Worship exists as an organic extension of the Vineyard Church movement. They are, in a phrase, "from the church, for the church.”  The teams shares, "Our efforts will be centered in the cultivation and empowerment of the core value of worship in the Vineyard or more simply put, 'to help the local church experience God.'" Vineyard Worship has released three new singles, "All The Same," "You're Carrying Me," and "Be Still." Original Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship leading resources for "All The Same," "You're Carrying Me," and "Be Still" are now available.

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MultiTracks Available for We Are Ready by Vineyard Worship

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Vineyard Soul is a multi-ethnic community of worshippers seeking to broaden the sound and expression of Vineyard Worship. Bursting with rhythmic grooves and vocal arrangements, their newest album We Are Ready, captures the heartbeat and sounds of the growing number of multiethnic churches in the Vineyard movement.  We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks and instrument parts in RehearsalMix for three songs from the album, "All Things Rise," "You Have Set Me Free," and the album's title track, "We Are Ready."  Soulful and dynamic, each of these songs will make a great addition to your worship setlists.  Download your copy of We Are Ready today on iTunes and pick up all the worship resources, including the Original Master MultiTracks and instrument parts in RehearsalMix here on

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