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Indie Showcase: "You're the Fire" by Sean Hill

Friday, February 10, 2017

This week, we are featuring the latest single from Atlanta-based producer and songwriter, Sean Hill, as our Indie Showcase.  "You're the Fire" is a rousing, high-energy song that focuses on who God is to us as well as who He can be to others.  Sean shares that the song was birthed out of specific needs of his local church.  "There was, and continues to be, a big need for songs that are fast, uplifting, and non-synth heavy that bands can pull off simply," he states.  "At the same time I was realizing that song need for my specific church, I was also personally wrestling with the word "joy" like never before. I began making it my prayer, that God would restore joy to our songs, and to our music. Lyrically, the song itself was born with a heart for missions and reaching the lost. God is the fire in our souls. And like the chorus states, my prayer for us is that He burns in us so the whole world may know His fearless love and unending hope. But ultimately, the song is a reflection on God's love, grace, and mercy and how that is our joy that we should be able to celebrate together when we gather!"  "You're the Fire" is now available on iTunes.  Pick up your copy today!

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