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NEW River Valley Worship Album - ALTARS

Thursday, May 7, 2020

ALTARS, River Valley Worship's highly anticipated album has finally arrived! “Altars is a collection of songs that brings me to a place of remembrance. A place where I am reminded of God’s amazing grace and faithfulness. It is in this quiet place, at this altar, where the presence of God is real and near. These songs allow my ears to hear something that my heart had always felt," shares drummer Aaron Joshnon.

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River Valley Worship - "Real Thing"

Friday, April 10, 2020

River Valley Worship has released their "Real Thing" from their upcoming album Altars. In this exclusive guest blog post, the writer shares, "It’s the truth of Psalm 86 that nudged us to write a lyric like 'All I know right now is I’m ready / All I want right now is the real thing Lord.' Somehow it feels declarative without losing the authenticity of where we really find ourselves at times in this life. 'God I know there’s more for me to learn and grow in, and there’s a lot that I don’t know, but I do know one thing... it’s that I need you.' I would like to think that there is a tone of hopeful desperation laced throughout the entire landscape of 'Real Thing.'"

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River Valley Worship | "Both Sides"

Friday, March 20, 2020

River Valley Worship leader Ryan Williams shares, "In John 11, Jesus stood on one side of the stone and called Lazarus from death back to life. Days later, He laid in the darkness on the other side of the stone and defeated death for all of mankind. 'Both Sides' reminds us that the authority of Jesus knows no bound or limit. In an uncertain world it’s so good to know the King who is In control.” Original Master MultiTracks and other worship leading resources for "Both Sides" are available now.

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"Future" - River Valley Worship

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

"Future" is the newest single from River Valley Worship. Band member Ryan Williams shares, "Alarm clock goes off....Eyes open... and all of us face the same reality, nobody knows what their future will hold or what the day will bring. But for those who know Jesus, it’s worth it to take a closer look at the fine print of your life. Psalm 139 reads, 'You know every step I will take before my journey even begins, You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way.” We have a savior that stands at the end of our tomorrow and calls us to walk towards him with courage and joy. Charles Spurgeon once said, 'We may be very easy and very comfortable about tomorrow; we may remember that all our times are in his hands, that all events are at his command; and though we do not know all the windings of the path of providence, yet he knows them all. Next time the alarm goes off, don’t waste a second with worry.... Instead smile wide because you know the One who holds your tomorrow.'”

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NEW from River Valley Worship - "Million Lifetimes: Deconstructed"

Friday, November 30, 2018

River Valley Worship released a six-song EP, "Million Lifetimes Deconstructed". This project was produced by David Leonard of All Sons & Daughters. This special EP includes new recordings of songs from the group's label debut, "Million Lifetimes", and features two new songs, "Cross and the Crown" and the holiday song "Adore You." Their current radio single, “Hope Has A Name,” is on the project with a deconstructed version of this song. “It’s been an absolute joy to revisit the songs that have meant so much to our church as well as bring a few new moments to the world and our community through this EP," shares River Valley Worship leader Ryan Williams. "We prayed that God would breathe on these moments, and give us new vision to translate these songs in a simpler way, all the while keeping the urgency of the original versions. Building something new by deconstructing the familiar. This is our worship for this season.” Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for "Million Lifetimes: Deconstructed" are now available.

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Million Lifetimes by River Valley Worship Now Available!

Friday, March 2, 2018

River Valley Worship is a collection of artists, musicians and songwriters who are an extension of the vibrant creative culture within River Valley Church.  Today marks the release of their label debut with BEC Worship, Million Lifetimes.  This new album introduces 12 new songs from the Church that include energetic dance-praise songs such as "Chain Reaction" and "All This Time" as well as anthemic congregational worship like "Hope Has a Name" and the album's first released single, "World Needs Jesus."  One of the standouts on the album is the beautiful Easter anthem, "Calvary's Shadow," which reminds worshippers of how Jesus saved us through His sacrifice on the cross, declaring, "In Calvary's shadow, our chains are broken. Death be defeated and we are free. In Calvary's shadow, the darkness trembles. We stand and testify that we are free."  Check out Million Lifetimes today on iTunes and pick up the resources you need to equip your team as you lead these songs in your own services.

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New Easter Single from River Valley Worship - "Calvary's Shadow"

Friday, February 16, 2018

River Valley Worship is a collection of artists, musicians and songwriters who are an extension of the vibrant creative culture within River Valley Church. Today, the team has instroduced a brand new single titled "Calvary's Shadow," from their upcoming album Million Lifetimes, which is releasing on March 2 on BEC Worship and is now available for pre-order.  Songwriter Ryan Williams shares, "All of us are looking for identity, for a place to belong. For those who are followers of Christ we realize that our purpose, our meaning, our place is at the foot of the cross of Jesus. The Cross is the central Image and symbol of Christianity but to us it’s much more than just an emblem of faith. Calvary’s cross is the answer for mankind’s deepest infirmities. The song 'Calvary’s Shadow' urges us to look in the right direction. With bread and cup in hand, we remember what Jesus has done and then with holy abandon we take our place at the foot of the precious cross of Christ."  As you are beginning to plan for your Easter services, be sure to check out this new single from River Valley Worship.

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Play of the Week - "World Needs Jesus" by River Valley Worship

Monday, February 12, 2018

This week we're featuring "World Needs Jesus" by River Valley Worship as the "Play of the Week." You'll hear the full instrumentation and will be able to access the song for free for the entire week through this Sunday, February 18 in our MultiTrack app, Playback.  If you've never used Playback, now is a great time to download it for free on the App Store and try it out.  What better way to start the week than with some new music?

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