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One House Worship is an eclectic camp of writers, producers and cutting-edge creatives who formulate fresh musical and lyrical masterpieces that cut straight to the heart of the listener. Bridging the gap between the Contemporary Christian Music and Gospel genres, their unique sound instantly becomes unforgettable anthems of hope, identity and victory.

Founded by global leader and entrepreneur Pastor Touré Roberts (“PT”), One House Worship emerged following the fusion of the music ministries at One Church LA and The Potter’s House of Denver (a division of Bishop TD Jakes’ The Potter’s House Churches). Alongside his wife and renowned speaker Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, the two successfully bridged the two churches, serving the needs of a diverse demographic of Believers. The merging of the ministries birthed The Potter’s House at OneLA x Denver and the beginning of One House Worship.

A true visionary, Pastor Touré quickly realized that One House Worship extended far beyond the two churches and was a catalyst for a musical movement that would ultimately expand The House. “I can’t recall a time when encouraging and uplifting the hearts of people has been more vital,” he states, “The fact that I get to work with such a talented creative tribe that consistently produces high-quality music which accomplishes that very thing is an immense blessing.”

Collaborating with some of the greatest creators in the music industry, including six-time GRAMMY® award winning artist, producer and songwriter Israel Houghton and fast-rising and incomparable psalmist Chandler Moore, the group produced variations of cover songs and original music which have garnered millions of views across their social media platforms.

One House Worship’s mission is to relentlessly pursue the curation of sounds, lyrics and melodies from on high and serve as a bridge for every listener. Regardless of where they are, their spirits will be lifted and undoubtedly encouraged to worship in the midst of all circumstances. The group is scheduled to release their debut EP in 2021.

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