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North Point Worship - "Nothing Else Matters" + "Just Getting Started"

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Internationally known for worship anthems like “Death Was Arrested,” “Abundantly More” and “Love Come Down,” the worship band from North Point Ministries is changing its name from North Point InsideOut to North Point Worship. Originally formed out of North Point Community Church’s high school ministry, InsideOut, the band now serves over 42,000 people that attend the multi-campus, metro Atlanta area church every week. As a part of North Point Ministries, North Point Worship is also connected to a global network of more than 90 partner churches and seeks to create songs that inspire people to follow Jesus.

With all new songs organically sown in the local church, and written, recorded and led by the North Point Worship team of songwriters and musicians, the band plans to release as many as 12 new songs internationally from North Point Music® and Centricity Music in 2020. The first two of these songs, “Just Getting Started (feat: Lauren Anderson)” and “Nothing Else Matters (feat. Heath Balltzglier and Desi Raines),” will release Feb. 21.

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North Point InsideOut - "Wide Open (Radio Version)"

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources are now available for "Wide Open (Radio Version)" by North Point InsideOut.  This moving song originally appeared on their 2018 self-titled album, North Point InsideOut. "Wide Open" is a beautiful worship ballad that reminds believers that nothing could ever separate us from God's love.

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North Point InsideOut - Abundantly More EP

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

North Point InsideOut has released their eighth album, Abundantly More EPThese three powerful songs speak to the character of God; He is provider and a healer. The songs "Abundantly More" and "Safest Place" both melodically share the beauty of God's presence. Emily Harrison of North Point InsideOut sings in "Safest Place," "You're healing my heartache. You carry all my burdens. Your presence is my safest place."

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"Abundantly More" - North Point InsideOut

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Following up on their  worship singles, "Here I Am" and "Anchor of Peace," North Point InsideOut has released a new song titled "Abundantly More." It's a powerful anthem that proclaims the sufficiency of God, declaring, "I find all I need here in Your presence Lord. I open up my soul and You fill me up with all I need here in Your presence Lord, where blessings overflow there’s always abundantly more." You can now pre-order North Point InsideOut's new EP, Abundantly More, which is set to release on August 30.

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North Point InsideOut - "Anchor of Peace"

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Atlanta based worship team, North Point InsideOut has just release their latest single, "Anchor of Peace," a soulful anthem of praise. This powerful track describes the glory of Jesus as our foundation of our hope and salvation in trying times.

Original Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship-leading resources for "Anchor of Peace" are now available.

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New EP from NorthPoint Inside Out - "Ring the Bells"

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Atlanta worship band North Point InsideOut is ushering listeners into the Christmas season with their holiday EP, Ring The Bells. Featuring four original Christmas songs, Ring The Bells is available now on all digital outlets. With both melodious ballads and up-tempo tracks, the EP displays the band’s modern worship sound with musical influences of the Christmas season. As a whole, the songs of Ring The Bells declare heartfelt honor and gratitude for the birth of our Savior.

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"By My Side" - North Point InsideOut

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

North Point InsideOut has released a brand new single titled "By My Side." Featuring vocalist Emily Harrison, this new song testifies of God's faithfulness and acknowledges that He is with us through every circumstance. "By My Side" encourages believers to relinquish all control to Jesus and to place our trust in Him. Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources are now available.

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2 New Singles from North Point InsideOut

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We have added the worship-leading resources for two new songs from North Point InsideOut to our catalog. Their upbeat single "Unshakeable Love" rejoices that God's love has no end and cannot be moved, while "Changed" marvels at Jesus' love and grace, proclaiming the way He has saved us through His sacrifice on the cross. Listen to these new songs today on iTunes and download the resources you need to lead them in your own services at

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