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Life Center Worship comes out of an amazing local church called Life Center Ministries International. Life Center is a multi-generational home to passionate pursuers of God’s presence. It is a church that believes in the power of God’s love and that an encounter with this love can change a life forever. From this church what often seems impossible becomes possible, time and time again. Answered prayers, healed bodies and breakthroughs are tangible evidence of His Presence as people come to experience God’s love and in turn live to give it away.

Life Center Worship carries this faith in every lyric and in every song. This Debut EP marks the first time worship leaders David Leach, Ricardo White, Nathan Horst, and Jon & Tiffany Aitken have come together to write and record. Though each of them have already released EPs and albums independently, this team has been leading worship together and building the local church for years. This project and many more to come are a decade in the making. Each one of these songs has been birthed out of the local church, their own pursuit of God’s Presence, and their family community. This team is truly something special.

Life Center Worship is a community of singers, songwriters, and musicians pursing the Presence of God. Through their music and most importantly our lives, they hope to reach the world as they create a place for God to come and for people to encounter His redemptive Love. Jesus is the message that transforms them. Jesus is the song inside them.

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