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New MultiTracks from Josh Lopez - Don't Give Up

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Award winning songwriter and worship leader, Josh Lopez, has released his new album, Don't Give Up.  Upon successfully completing the prestigious Ironman Challenge, Josh decided to write songs about his journey that would parallel the everyday challenges that people face.  Though he faced many challenges himself as he trained for the race and often felt like giving up, he discovered the great joy that came in persevering.  He shares, "I decided to stay the course and what was on the other side was worth it." This new album builds upon his experiences and offers great inspiration to listeners, blending pop, gospel, and rhythmic styles with messages of hope and encouragement.

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New Single from Josh Lopez - "Don't Give Up"

Friday, December 18, 2015

San Antonio worship leader Josh Lopez has released a new single entitled "Don't Give Up" that he hopes will encourage people who are going through tough times and feel like giving up.  Years ago, when he was battling fear and depression, he made the decision not to give up on his dreams.  He pressed forward during times when he felt like giving up himself and trained for and successfully completed the Ironman Triathlon.  Now he hopes to reach out to others who may feel as he once did.  Josh comments, "Life is like a race.  There are beautiful moments and there are obstacles.  In fact, there are times where we want to give up, we want to throw in the towel.  But it's when we stay the course, it's when we press forward and persevere that we find joy, we find strength. And it's a crazy thing but those obstacles, those tough things in life, that's when we grow and that's when we take it to the next level. "

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