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Jonathan Traylor | The Unknown

Monday, July 20, 2020

Jonathan Traylor returns with an installment of new music today, adding two new songs—“Ain’t Nobody Mad But The Devil” and “Bigger Dreams”—to his debut project, The Unknown. Currently in its third release installment, The Unknown is an innovative playlist-styled album that is being continuously updated with new songs and video content over the course of the year. “Ain’t Nobody Mad But The Devil” is a gritty cut that boasts of God’s goodness and favor, while “Bigger Dreams” is a guitar-accompanied song of gratitude laced with ethereal backing vocals.

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Jonathan Traylor | The Unknown (Part 2)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Jonathan Traylor returns with The Unknown, an innovative playlist-styled EP. The EP includes “For The Wild Ones,” a fun song for the unashamed believers, as well as “Faithful One” featuring worship singer/songwriter Mack Brock, and the passionate worship ballad “Keep on Coming Through.” Inspired by a personal season of blindfolded trust, The Unknown celebrates the constant faithfulness of God in the midst of uncertainty. On it, Jonathan Traylor writes from a place of transparency and authenticity, offering music that is both compelling and relevant to a wide-ranging audience.

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Jonathan Traylor - Stones & Giants

Monday, October 28, 2019

In celebration of signing to Motown Gospel Jonathan Traylor has re-released his career-propelling independent project, Stones & Giants. The 12-track album, written almost entirely by Traylor and co-produced with his UK-born and bred music partner Mr. Damention, includes fan favorites like the upbeat anthem “Won’t Let Me Down,” as well as the worshipful ballads “Masterpiece” and “Breathe Life.”

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