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Influence Music is composed of artists Matt Gilman, Melody Noel, Michael Ketterer and Whitney Medina. The faith based record label and artist collective birthed out of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California and is dedicated to facilitating the creation and release of music that glorifies God. The movement has attracted some of LA’s most gifted songwriters, producers and creatives who have laid aside successful careers and high level positions to help build what is now “Influence Music”. It’s birth was in April 2017 following a five day writers retreat in Big Bear, California where the team created over 25 songs together. Their first release was the song “I AM” featuring artists William Matthews and Melody Noel. Shortly after releasing the video to Facebook, it reached over 1 Million views and 22K shares. This immediately caught the attention of TBN and IHeart Radio who both have featured “I AM” on their programming. With only 3 singles under their belt, Influence Music has managed to gain over 177,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify and Over 16,000 Facebook Followers in less then a year. Their full-length debut album “Touching Heaven” is slated for released on May 25, 2018.

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Influence Music | Glory, Honor, Power

Monday, March 15, 2021

Writing songs is usually a laborious process for me that is filled with revisions and second guessing. Glory, Honor, Power was the exception to this rule. I woke up in the morning with a chorus in my head that was incredibly loud and clear. It sounded so familiar that I kept singing it to multiple people over the next few days trying to figure out what song it was. Finally, I ended up in a room with Tiffany Hudson and Jeff Pardo who confirmed that this tune didn’t exist yet and that we should give it a go!

As we dug into the lyrics of the chorus, we found ourselves revisiting Revelation 4.   This chapter paints a beautiful and detailed picture of exactly what is being said in Heaven at this very moment. The extravagant scene describes heavenly creatures pouring their thanks and adoration upon the Lord. In response, 24 elders lay their crowns at his feet and ascribe to him all Glory, Honor and Power. They can’t stop worshipping.

In the presence of God, our response becomes the same as theirs. I believe the Lord gave us this real-time insight into heaven so that we would know how to engage in throne-room worship, here and now. What better way is there to bring heaven to earth, then to actually sing the words being said in Heaven?

Our prayer it that this song would be a fast pass into his presence. He promises that he would inhabit the praises of his people. As we get into that pure and vertical place of worship, where we focus all our attention on admiring him – a beautiful exchange occurs. His thoughts for our thoughts. His life for ours. 

- Melody Noel  | Director of Influence Music

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