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NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/5/21

Friday, July 9, 2021

Hillsong UNITED | Know You Will

“Know You Will” is an anthem of hope for uncertain times. Amidst all the madness of a world where it seems like every foundation is being shaken to the core, we’re reminded that the promises of God have always been forged through the tensions of trial and fire, and that the resolve is to trust Him wholeheartedly–no matter what may give way around and about us. 

Cody Carnes | Too Good To Not Believe (Live)

The song was inspired by “healing we have seen and healing we still want to see,” says Carnes. “We’ve seen cancer disappear, We’ve seen broken bodies healed, Don’t you tell me He can’t do it.” The song urges people to take a hold of their faith and align it with the power of who God is.

Central Live | Tomorrow

"The song 'Tomorrow' was a different song for me in the sense that it moved me immediately after we wrote it. I think it hit me differently than the other songs we’ve written because there is nothing complicated about it. It’s a simple message that God is completely in control. Whatever I’m facing today ultimately doesn’t matter because I know God holds my tomorrow."

Brian Courtney Wilson | Still

 “I pray that Still helps people deal with the challenges they are facing now and the challenges they’ve been dealing with. People sometimes mask their anxiety...There’s shame attached to it. They need to know that they are not the only ones. After the choir sings and the pastor preaches, you are not the only one who is afraid. I hope people hear enough to be still and know that God is wonderful.”

Chris McClarney | Won't Stop

“When we sat down, we wanted to write a song that talked about how the Lord never stops chasing us,” says McClarney. “He’s the God that leaves the 99 for the 1. He’s the God that chased you down while you were still a sinner. He came and died for you. He’s that God. We wanted to write a song that honored that.”



We Are Messengers | Come What May

Sean Curran | Shake The Dust Off

Ryan Ellis | Heart of the Father

Gregory Brunot | Ou Merite

Journey Worship Co. | Alpha and Omega

Red Rocks Worship | The Battle Is Yours

Patrick Mayberry | Holy Spirit Come

Eleventh Hour Worship | Great Is His Mercy

Foothills Collective | Even If He Doesn't

Vineyard Worship | You Are God 






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Hillsong UNITED | Live from Madison Square Garden

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Hillsong UNITED's The People Tour: Live from Madison Square Garden seeks to give their listeners an immersive experience from the safety of their homes. The new release is paired with an accompanying concert film on Amazon Prime, making it one of the few full-concert experience offerings since the inception of the pandemic.

"We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to capture what took place on that night at MSG. I don’t say this lightly, it was a night we will never forget and a night we are so excited to now get to share with the world. We believe it will inspire and encourage you wherever you find yourself right now." - Jonathan 'JD' Douglass

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Hillsong UNITED | (in the meantime)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Multi-platinum-selling and award-winning powerhouse Hillsong UNITED released two interim EPs in the fall of 2020. Charts and RehearsalMix for both projects including congretional favorites "So Will I (100 Billion X)" and "Holy Holy Holy" are now available! 

"(in the meantime) is a 'meanwhile' project, a collation of songs: some recovered from the archives, others found by the wayside, never having the time or space to be offered for your listening. Now that we are stuck on different parts of the planet and we’re working on something new, (in the meantime) here’s some gifts from us to you."

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Ep. 10 - Jad Gillies

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

In our last episode of season 1 of The Worship & Technology Podcast, Jad Gillies joins us! Jad is a songwriter, worship leader, and member of Hillsong UNITED. In this episode, he shares his journey of working with Hillsong, unpacks his philosophy of worship leading, and reminds us why connecting with the people we are leading is so important. This episode is a mini-masterclass and jam-packed full of worship leading practicals. This conversation will challenge you, equip you, and possibly cause you to rethink and reframe the way you lead worship! Click to listen on Apple Podcasts, or listen on Spotify or Google Podcasts now.

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Hillsong UNITED - Another in the Fire EP

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Multi-platinum selling and award-winning Hillsong UNITED debuts their brand new  Another In the Fire EP. Out today, the five-track project offers remixes of the powerful song by UNITED’s Michael Guy Chislett & Benjamin Tennikoff  as well as contributions from Billy Davis and jamintasker. The EP also includes a special stripped-down studio version featuring the lead vocals of TAYA. Released earlier this month with accompanying “quarantine” music video, the studio edition of the breakout single amassed over 500K streams on street week alone.

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Hillsong United - "People"

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hillsong UNITED releases their highly anticipated new album, People, today on Recorded live in Sydney, Australia, UNITED have kept it simple returning to where it all began. "It is about people. People you’re doing life with. People you’re representing. It’s about people we are called to reach. Loving our neighbour as ourselves. Where people are united, God commands a blessing, and that’s what UNITED, and in particular this project, is purposed to do." Original Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship-leading resources for People are now available.

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Hillsong UNITED - "Another In The Fire"

Friday, March 15, 2019

At the end of 2018 Hillsong UNTIED released their first single from the new album, "Good Grace". So far in 2019 the Australian worship team has released "Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)" and "As You Find Me". Today, UNITED released yet another single, "Another In The Fire". As fans get ready for the release of the album, UNITED prepares for "The People Tour", which will cover the United States starting in April. Pre-order the entire album and pick up tickets for the tour today. Original Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship-leading resources for "Another In The Fire" are now available.

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NEW from Hillsong UNITED - "As You Find Me"

Friday, February 8, 2019

We are excited to partner with Hillsong UNITED as they release their latest single, "As You Find Me". As the group prepares to embark on a large USA tour, the consistent release of hit singles continues to draw attention to their upcoming release. Their first single, "Good Grace" had more streams within the first week than any other single in UNITED's history. That record was again topped by "Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)" weeks later. Orignal Master MultiTracks, Charts, and other worship-leading resources for "As You Find Me" are now available.

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