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Hanne de Vries - Favour

Friday, August 11, 2017

Hanne de Vries is a passionate musician from the Netherlands who loves to connect people with Jesus through his music.  He has been involved in the EO Youth Day, Revival and Soul Survivor and he is now a familiar face within the Dutch churches - being based at Moseik0318 in Veenendaal.  His music speaks mostly to youth, and he hopes to keep them enthusiastic about God, desiring that young people with little to no church context come into contact with God's love in a low-threshold way.  MultiTracks are now available for Hanne's 2016 release Favour, which was pulled together with British producers and mixed/mastered in the United States.  "With this CD, I hope to join in with what God is doing in our country," he shares. "I pray that the songs will help people, young and old, to wake up with the fire of the Holy Spirit in their hearts- that they will become convinced of our Father's love for them and live a life full of surrender to our Lord Jesus.”  Download your copy of Favour today on iTunes.

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