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New G12 Worship Single - "By Your Wounds"

Thursday, November 7, 2019

G12 Worship has dropped a new single "By Your Wounds." The lyrics beautifully sing out, “Your blood poured out to bring me peace / At the cross every curse was defeated / Now I'm forever free.” G12 Worship shares, "We’re believing this song will bring forth a deeper revelation of the cross to everyone that listens. By His wounds we are healed, by His blood our sins are wiped away, because of His resurrection we are victorious!"

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"All Things New" - G12 Worship

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

G12 Worship, the contemporary worship band for the G12 Churches in America, has released a fresh new single titled "All Things New." G12 Worship's Lorena Castellanos shares, "Our newest single 'All Things New' is a declaration of faith that God walks with us through our fiercest battles and brings life into the darkest valleys. This song expresses God's to make everything new in our lives and to fulfil His purpose in us, regardless of our failures, our doubts or times of weakness. We sing to a God who gives us life, destiny, and rest." All of the worship-leading resources you need for "All Things New” are now available and you can stream the single on Apple Music and Spotify.

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New Single from G12 Worship - "Abba Father"

Friday, May 4, 2018

"Abba Father" is a brand new single from G12 Worship (formerly the Dove Award-winning band, Soulfire Revolution).  The team shares, "This song is the expression of God's people showing the world that there is a Father who forgives and never stops loving, a good Father who desires to have an intimate relationship with His sons and daughters."

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New Single from G12 Worship - "Sound of Revival"

Friday, March 16, 2018

G12 Worship, the contemporary worship band for the G12 Churches in America and the former Dove Award-winning band Soulfire Revolution, has released a new single, "Sound of Revival." This song expresses the yearning of a generation that cries out for revival.  "We have experienced times of awakening where the church has been revived in fire and the irresistible power of God has been manifested," the band shares.  "However, they have been short.  We are expecting the greatest revival ever, and we can hear its sound already.  It resounds so loud that every ear is hearing it.  It will last and it will bring a complete change to society.  Heaven will touch earth, and it will remain like this forever.  We are paving the way for this to happen."  Download your own copy of this new single from G12 Worship today on iTunes and lead it in your services with the Original Master MultiTracks, which are now available.

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New Single from G12 Worship - "Blood of Jesus"

Friday, February 17, 2017

G12 Worship is the worship team of G12 in the United States, led by Pastor Cesar Castellanos, who started the main church in Bogota, Colombia and has now expanded to all of South America, North America and Europe.  The team is made up of worship leaders from different G12 churches who serve in their local church every weekend.  We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks from their debut single, "Blood of Jesus."  Recorded and produced by Anthony Catacoli and featuring vocalists Luke Page and Jocelin Dova, the song offers a bold declaration of the power of Jesus' blood to heal, restore, and save lives.  This is a great song for the Easter season as it reflects upon everything Jesus did for us on the cross and rejoices that we have overcome by the blood of the lamb.  Download your copy of "Blood of Jesus," now available on iTunes.

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