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"In Reach of You" by Destini Rose

Friday, February 2, 2018

As a follow-up to her debut album, The Creation Album, worship leader Destini Rose has released "In Reach of You," an intimate new single that emphasizes the deep love our Father has for us and encourages worshippers to remember that we’re never out of His reach.  “'In Reach Of You' ​was written from a revelation that I had while reading through Matthew 14:22-33," she explains.  "It's the story of Jesus walking on the water out to his disciples. We all know that story, we have sung about this story, people have preached about this story, but I really felt God pull on my heart while reading it that there was something more for me in it.  I wrote this song to give people hope. That no matter where they are at in matter how far off from God they feel, He is still in reach of them.”  "In Reach of You," was produced by Destini Rose's brother, Doran Robin, and is part of an upcoming album she is working on for 2018.  Check out "In Reach of You" today on iTunes and pick up the worship leading resources you need here on

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MultiTracks Now Available from The Creation Album by Destini Rose

Friday, April 28, 2017

The Creation Album is the debut release of new worship artist Destini Rose who has brought a world of inspiration to the project after having spent an entire summer in the Great Smoky Mountains.  She shares, “God has taken me on a journey!​ This journey was one that I couldn't have prepared for, and one that I am not even close to completing. You see, he called me away to a place of stillness. A place where I was able to retreat away and hear His still, small voice, through the beauty of His first gift... the gift of Creation. I had the chance to experience God in ways I had never before seen.”  Destini Rose offers a fresh new perspective in her worship with songs such as "Where I Will Be" which expresses a deep desire for intimacy with the Father and a willingness to follow Him anywhere He leads and "Higher Ground," a fun, upbeat anthem that proclaims our faith that He is always there when we need Him.  "Surface" is another standout, expressing a desire for a deeper relationship and greater intimacy with Jesus.  Download your copy of The Creation Album today on iTunes and pick up the Original Master MultiTracks here on

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