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MultiTracks Now Available for Brad Alden

Friday, October 26, 2018

L.A.-based Worship Leader Brad Alden and his wife, singer Danielle Mowry, have released a new worship single titled "Lord of All." Alden shares that the song speaks to God meeting us right where we are. "Maybe you feel you don’t qualify as a ‘good enough’ person, or that you don’t know the Bible well enough," he says. "Maybe you believe you’ve gone too far down the road of sin and wonder why God would think of you. But our God is an all-qualifying, all-welcoming God who will meet us anywhere, anytime, any way we are.” Mowry adds, “No matter what we do or fail to do, we are never abandoned or shamed by God; He meets us in our mess. We don’t have to attempt to clean ourselves up first. On the contrary, let Him search our hearts and find all that needs cleaning. It’s exhausting trying to put all these filters on our lives to make the picture look more pleasing when God’s begging us for the unfiltered. The raw. The real.”

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