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Lead worship well.

Since launching in 2006, we've grown from providing a specific resource for the church to a global vision to connect and resource creatives. We’ve been focused on curating content from the most influential artists and writers for the church and creating products and services that help you lead your teams well.

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Excellent sounds make a difference.

MultiTracks are often used to help worship teams achieve a full sound and fill in any critical sounds needed in a live performance. MultiTracks consist of all the parts from an original recording, individually separated out into stems for a worship leader to play live from a DAW like Ableton Live or from our free app for iPad and iPhone- Playback. As your band plays along to a click track, your music director has complete control over each instrument to add to the sound of your team or to solo an instrument to teach parts in a rehearsal. MultiTracks will include all the individual stems from the Original Master Recording in Eight Keys except the lead vocal. Learn More.

Want to discover new music? Browse by theme.

Browsing by theme is great when you are looking for a song to support a specific moment or message topic in a service. Next time you're looking for a song for Communion, Baptism, Christmas, Easter… we've got you covered. Learn More.

Upload your files to MultiTracks Cloud™. Download your files into Playback.

MultiTracks Cloud™ is the easiest way to safely store all your audio files, stems, and MultiTracks in the cloud for archival and for access into our iPhone and iPad app Playback. Now if you're hard drive crashes, you're covered. Manage all your own content and your content all in one place and share amongst the other members of your worship team with Team Sharing. This is truly MultiTracks made easy. Learn More.

Have a favorite DAW? Congratulations! For those who don’t, we created CustomMix®.

CustomMix® allows you to mix any track from our catalog from within your web browser in minutes. You can mix your own stereo accompaniment track or auto-pan the click track and guide cues left and the tracks to the right to create your customized mix for live performance. Choose from high-quality M4A at 320mbps or highest quality WAV files at 44.1/16 and you can play your stereo file from any music player. All your CustomMix® files will download from your account into Playback with your song sections labeled for you. Learn More.

Your iPhone has more processing power than the computer that put a man on the moon.

That means it can also run tracks for a professional tour... and your church. Playback is a MultiTrack playback app available for iPad and iPhone. You can use any MultiTrack or CustomMix file purchased from, upload your own content using MultiTracks Cloud, and with Playback Rentals you can rent MultiTracks directly in Playback. Playback is a simple, yet powerful player that allows you to edit song arrangements, loop tracks in real time, control via MIDI, and send multiple outputs with MultiOuts™ and a USB audio interface. Get started by downloading Playback for free and get access to a free song every week through our "Play of the Week" promo within the app. Learn More.

Tired of prepping your Ableton session late Saturday nights?

Are you an Ableton user that loves the flexibility of Arrangement View but you're not a fan of building a session every week? We think you'll really like Custom Sessions®. Choose any number of songs from your account and our servers will create a Custom Session with tempo changes, track names, and all your locators done for you. Download it immediately and drop in your WAV's or M4A in the samples folder and you're good to go. Learn More.

Love the keyboard sound on the recording? Now you can download the Patches.

Patches are the sounds and settings in a ready-to-use keyboard format that you can load into your keyboard or play from a software like MainStage, Omnisphere, Reason. You can see Patches tab listed on the songs they were used in, or you can search by Tones, Software, or Producer to find that perfect patch to complete the sound of your team. Learn More.

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