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New from - Ambient Waves

Ambient Waves is a product created by Tyler Prange. This is a drone pad instrument for Ableton Live Standard and Suite. Ambient Waves uses classic Sine, Square, and Saw waves as a building block, morphed with shimmer verb, filters and other various effects to create a versatile tone bed for any track or live performance.  Start with the filter down to layer under the intro of a slow song and gradually filter up, add in shimmer verb and try the “Little Extra” or the “ADD LOW” knob to add some drive to your sound as you build dynamics. With preset Midi clips in every key, this patch works great in both Session and Arrangement view.

New Single Available from Jesus Culture's Love Has a Name - "Flood the Earth"

"Flood the Earth" is the newest single from Jesus Culture's upcoming album, Love Has a Name which releases worldwide on August 11.  Following up on the album's previously released tracks, "Halls of Heaven" and "Love Has a Name," this new anthem features Katie Torwalt on vocals and it proclaims God's glory and the power He has over the things of this world.  Check out our special guest blog from Jesus Culture today which shares the story behind the song and pre-order your copy of Love Has a Name today on iTunes.

Songs of Heaven & Earth, Vol. 1 by Corey Voss Now Available

Today marks the release of worship leader Corey Voss' brand new five-track EP titled Songs of Heaven & Earth: Volume 1.  Corey has written a number of songs that have been recorded by Paul Baloche, Jaci Velasquez and Dustin Smith among others, and he takes his craft as a writer of songs for the Church very seriously.  “When we sing songs, we are releasing prayers, scriptures and songs of praise that shift and fill the atmosphere with God’s presence," he shares. "So, as I write, I begin by asking the Lord, ‘What do Your people need to be singing?’.”  Songs of Heaven & Earth was recorded at Corey's home church with producer Kyle Lee and features five new songs that reflect aspects of both the Creator and His Creation.  Along with the EP's first single "Canyons," this volume includes four additional songs including the rousing call to worship "The King Is Here" and "God Who Moves the Mountains," which captures the majesty and power of our God.  Download your copy of Songs of Heaven & Earth: Volume 1 today on iTunes and pick up the Original Masters here on

"Flood the Earth" - Guest Post from Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture shares the heart behind their new single, "Flood the Earth" from their upcoming album, Love Has a Name, in this guest post.  Pre-order Love Has a Name today.  The album releases August 11.

When our friend, Mia Fields brought us part of the song “Flood The Earth,” I immediately connected to it. If you are alive right now you know there is some big changes happening in our world everyday. A lot of unrest, misplaced anger, hate and fear. The problems we have faced feel so overwhelming to me that it's hard to imagine a solution, until I remember who the solution is. Jesus. We get a different perspective when we see through the light of Jesus. We see differently and more like him, and realize that our words and declarations are full of power. What we speak, creates and destroys.

As we finished the song, we knew we wanted to intentionally proclaim the bigness of God and His presence in the earth. The words describe the results in our world when His kingdom reigns. Freedom from bondage, darkness being illuminated, pain and sickness being healed, forgiveness and redemption!

Freedom is here
Fear has to leave
Pain has to go
Darkness retreat
Heaven, flood the Earth!

-Jesus Culture

MultiTracks Now Available for "Higher" by For All Seasons

Southern California-based worship band For All Seasons has released a new single with Centricity Music titled "Higher."  The band, which is comprised of members Emily Hamilton, Johnny Hamilton, Randy Charlson and Jeff Luckey, originally came together at Biola University in 2007 and has sought to use their music to share the Gospel ever since.  “Our goal has always been to create music that teaches people more about what it means to worship God, and more about who He is,” they explain. “We want to create space musically and lyrically in each project we release for people to talk with God honestly, as well as align their hearts with what is really true."  "Higher" proclaims our trust in God's sovereignty, acknowledging that His ways are higher than what we can see and that He remains in control.  We are excited to bring you the MultiTracks for this new single today and encourage you to download your own copy of the song today on iTunes.

Indie Showcase - "Lose Control" by Randy Brummitt

Randy Brummitt is a Christ follower, husband, father and a worship pastor based out of Tampa, Fl.  We are excited to feature his brand new single "Lose Control" this week as our Indie Showcase.  Co-written with Matt Edwards, this song is a declaration to surrender to God and trust Him in every season.  Randy shares, "My prayer is that this song will be a blessing and reminder that God is always in control. This single is filled with finding joy as you surrender your life daily to Him."  "Lose Control" is now available on iTunes.  Check out this great new single today!

New from - Ableton Keys Template

Today we are excited to bring you our brand new Ableton Keys Template.  If you're a keys player wanting to using Ableton Live for keys, this is the easiest way to get started. This template harnesses the power of Instrument Racks, Chain Selector, and MIDI Clips mapped to control the Chain Selector to make using Keys in Ableton Live easier and more powerful than ever before. This helps you manage your sounds across projects, transition smoothly between sounds, and it helps manage CPU. This template does not include sounds - it lets you use your own sounds in Ableton Live. It requires Ableton Live 9.7 & higher and Ableton Live Standard or Suite (it is not compatible with Ableton Live Intro).  Pick up Ableton Keys Template today!

Indie Showcase - "Hear Your Heart" by myChurch Music

myChurch Music is a collective of musicians, producers and songwriters from myChurch Ottawa whose passion is to create music that lifts the name of Jesus and builds the local church.  Their music gives expression to what God is doing in and through their church, city, and nation.  MCM's debut single, "Hear Your Heart" is a catchy new pop-style worship anthem that expresses great adoration for God and the desire for a closer relationship with Him.  The band shares "Our hope is that as you listen, you will feel encouraged, inspired and ultimately, that you will encounter God in a new and fresh way."  Download your copy of "Hear Your Heart" today, now available on iTunes.

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