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MultiTracks Now Available from Tell All My Friends by Will Reagan & United Pursuit

Tell All My Friends is the brand new release from Will Reagan and United Pursuit.  This Knoxville, Tennessee based collective is known for their raw, organic sound and this latest project is filled with soulful worship that touches on themes of faith and surrender.  "Nothing Without You" is a beautiful prayer for intimacy with the Father that acknowledges our deep need for His presence and seeks to find our rest in Him.  The chorus is a simple, yet heartfelt cry that repeats, "I want to be with You, I want to be with You, I want to be with You, Lord." The gospel-soul flavored anthem "You Carried Me" invites the God to move where we are while "Lay It All Down" encourages us to lay all of our fear, shame, and all the burdens of our heart at the feet of Jesus.  Tell All My Friends truly captures United Pursuit's mission to stir the heart of a generation to love Jesus and pursue Him with everything.  The album is now available on iTunes.  We encourage you to check it out in its entirety and add these songs to your worship set lists.

New from Fellowship Creative - Sound of Heaven

Fellowship Creative has released a brand new EP entitled Sound of Heaven, recorded live at both Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX and Allaso Ranch in Hawkins, TX.  The band shares that "These recordings and songs are meant to give us a glimpse of what we as believers have to look forward to. We are challenged by these songs to listen past the noise and focus in on the sound of truth, hope, and freedom...the SOUND OF HEAVEN." "King of Heaven" is a rousing anthem that brings exaltation to the One who has saved us by His grace, uniting worshippers in praising, "Hallelujah! All creation sings Hallelujah! Worthy is the King of Heaven."  Another great new song on the EP is "You" which gives a powerful testimony of God's grace and tells of how He rescued us from a dark place of sin and shame and healed our hearts and set us free.  The music swells to a passionate declaration of our love and devotion, "There’s no other name worthy of my praise. Jesus, there’s none for me."  The Original Master MultiTracks are now available for the entire EP, which you can pick up today on iTunes.

New MultiTracks Available from WWJD by Local Sound

WWJD is the debut EP from Local Sound, a movement born from within the Nashville-based college ministry, MyLocal.  The band writes, "The 'Local' within Local Sound speaks to the roots of who we are and why we do what we do. We fully back God's dream of 'The Local Church' and we believe that God, the original culture creator, has designed the local church as plan "A"—to immerse the world in His culture. Our 'Sound' is a reflection of our heart and our passion to unite the word of God with high energy, innovative music that reaches the world."  WWJD was co-produced by band member Justin Amundrud and Michael Fatkin (Hillsong Young & Free) and it offers fresh worship anthems such as "More Than Air" which recounts God's faithfulness and expresses our deep need for Him as well as "Wild," which is based out of Ephesians 5:2 and recognizes the way God's extravagant love has touched our lives.  WWJD communicates its message of the joy found in a life fully devoted to Christ with a rich, synth-driven pop sound relevant to this generation.  Check out the entire EP today, which you can now download from Local Sound's website.

Indie Showcase: "Long Awaited One" from Heritage Worship

Heritage Worship is a community of worship leaders and musicians from Heritage Church, a non-denominational, multi-generational church with multiple locations throughout the Chicago area, whose worship is designed to passionately lift high the name of Jesus.  This week, we are excited to feature their debut single, "Long Awaited One," as our Indie Showcase.  Featuring worship leader Jordan Brown, this song has a folky rock style that is full of great energy and it proclaims the coming of Jesus to save the world.  It was released as a Christmas single, but can be sung year round as it worships the Savior with great joy, "Long awaited one, long awaited one. You are the only One, the only One who saves. Long awaited one, Father's only Son, You are the Light of the world and the Light of the world is here."  "Long Awaited One" is now available on iTunes.  Download your copy of this great new song today!

Hillsong Worship's "What A Beautiful Name" Now Available!

Hillsong Worship recently released a new "Radio Version" of their song "What A Beautiful Name" and we've just added the MultiTracks to our catalog. The song originally appeared on their most recent live worship album, Let There Be Light and has quickly become one of the top songs on  It examines the beauty and wonder in Jesus' name and proclaims His glory which we see through His creation and through the grace He shows us. It's a great new arrangement filled with pulsing synth lines and warm orchestral layers that we think you'll really enjoy.  Download on iTunes today!

Indie Showcase: Forever Changed by Jason Brown

This week, we are excited to feature "Forever Changed," the debut worship single from Virginia-based singer-songwriter and worship leader, Jason Brown, as our Indie Showcase.  "Forever Changed" is a catchy EDM worship song that rejoices in the way God's love and grace has transformed our lives.  The song underlines this simple yet powerful message with layers of tasteful hooks, eloquent melodic sequences and 80's drum fills.  Jason shares, "I wanted to make a fun song that people could worship and dance to. Whether driving in your car, crushing it at the gym, or in a church service on a Sunday morning.”  Not only does the song capture the infectious joy that comes when we open ourselves up to God's will, it encourages worshippers to proclaim what God has done in their lives as they lift their worship to Him.   Download your own copy of "Forever Changed," now available on iTunes and pick up the Original Master MultiTracks today!

MultiTracks Available from First + Last by Gateway Youth

Gateway Youth Music is a collective of songwriters and creatives who come together to write and produce new worship songs that would impact students at Gateway Church Australia's annual youth camp, Camp No Fear.  Their 2016 EP, First + Last contains 3 songs that blend today's popular mainstream sound with lyrics that encourage young people to find their identity in Christ.  The team shares, "We really wanted to create songs that help kids express how their EVERYTHING is found in Him. He is the first and the last, He is my centre, and in this social saturated “build your profile” type culture where it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd, He sees me and knows me and loves me."  Pick up the MultiTracks for "First + Last," "In You I'm Found," and "You See Me" and be sure to download your own copy of First + Last today on iTunes!

MultiTracks Now Available from All Around by Angelique Marketon

All Around is Florida-based worship leader Angelique Marketon's debut release and it tells the story of a redeeming God who gives us a new hope and future despite our pasts, ever surrounding us with love and affirmation. For Angelique, worship has always been something that draws her closer to God and her heart is to lead people closer into His presence where they can let go and experience the freedom and hope found in Him.  She shares, "There are so many who are lost, broken and empty, needing to know that the love of the Father is their answer and when broken hearts experience that, honor praise and worship overflow back to God." One of the standouts is the album's first single, "Child of the King," which boldly proclaims our identity in Christ and praises Him for His incredible love.  Others include "You Are There" which speaks of God's omniscience and presence and "Your Love Makes Me Sing" which rejoices in His love.  All Around is now available on iTunes and we encourage you to check out the entire album.  Download your copy today!

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