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Peter James has been playing piano/keys for the last 25+ years. He’s spent the last 10 years professionally as a musician, session musician, songwriter, composer as well as touring with various artists. He’s been involved as a keyboard player on a whole range of live and studio albums and has had the privilege of working as a session musician for a bunch of amazing talented artists and producers Read More ...

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New Patches from Peter James Now Available!

April 08, 2015 Categories: News, Home Page, Patches

Today we’re announcing two new collections of Sounds from Peter James - Ultimate Arp & Rhythmic Collection and Ultimate Lead & Bass Collection. These are both for Omnisphere and will give you great sounds beyond Pads. The Ultimate Arp & Rhythmic Collection is perfect if you’re looking to add some sounds that will take your songs to the next level. It’s full of pulsing, heavy synth sounds that will cut through the mix of any guitar driven song. The Ultimate Lead & Bass Collection is full of patches that are great for Synth leads to follow an electric guitar line, or Synth basses to take a low, down chorus to the next level. If you’re an Omnisphere user, and you’re looking for something other then great pads, these collections are the perfect choice. If you are looking for great pads, check out one of Pete’s other “Ultimate” bundles, his Ulimate Pads Collection.

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