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Anthony Catacoli was born in Queens, NY. He started in music from the age of 11 in a small hispanic church in Woodside, Queens. Over that last 5 years he's been working full time as a producer/musician with bands like Soulfire Revolution and Generación 12. Anthony is an accomplished keyboard player and guitar player that is know for being both expressive and minimalist. Both him and his wife (Paol Read More ...

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New Patch Bundle from Anthony Catacoli - AC Prophet 6 V1

Friday, October 28, 2016 Categories: News, Home Page, Patches, English

Anthony Catacoli has brought us the first in a line of patches for the Prophet 6 by Dave Smith Instruments. The Prophet 6 is a rich analog synthesizer and is full of retro character. While being new, it embodies the classic synth tones of its predecessor but with modern upgrades. AC Prophet 6 V1 is the 1st of a series of patches specifically designed for modern worship applications. This bundle has expressive leads, pads and bass sounds that are great for everything from worship service to electronic music production. If you have a Prophet 6, this pack is a must have.

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