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Anthony Catacoli was born in Queens, NY. He started in music from the age of 11 in a small hispanic church in Woodside, Queens. Over that last 5 years he's been working full time as a producer/musician with bands like Soulfire Revolution and Generación 12. Anthony is an accomplished keyboard player and guitar player that is know for being both expressive and minimalist. Both him and his wife (Paol Read More ...

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New from Anthony Catacoli - Bass Rig, V1

Friday, July 14, 2017Categories: News

Today we are excited to release Bass Rig V1 by Anthony Catacoli! Bass Rig is the result of 9 months of trial testing and live work. This MainStage template will cover all the ground any bass player would need to have a great performance sound while only using MainStage and its built in plugins. Bass Rig includes presets that model the Ampeg SVT Classic, the Mesa +4000, and the Ampeg B15 amps. The built in pedal board includes effects like octavators, auto wah, drive, and a special Bass Shimmer effected created along with Danny Hernandez (Christine D’Clario’s Touring and Studio Bass player) for ambient effects. Bass Rig V1 is perfect as an all-in-one rig for church and for touring musicians!

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