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Sometimes an artist’s best laid plans evolve into an entirely different, God-ordained scenario in actuality. For Christian music great Anthony Evans, who’s spent the last twelve years recording six acclaimed studio albums, a Christmas collection, plus concert
and conference tours all over the world, his latest long player was originally meant to be split in two distinct segments respectively chronicling his worshipful and personal sides. However, as the Dallas native turned L.A. transplant following time on the smash NBC series “The Voice” soon realized, dividing the ambitious concepts into their own individual albums would likely be the most fruitful route in the long run, and considering this season of transformation was jumpstarted by his heart and passion for worship, it seemed like the most natural place to start.

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MultiTracks Now Available from Back to Life by Anthony Evans

Friday, February 3, 2017 Categories: News, Home Page, New Releases, English

Anthony Evans new album, Back To Life, is a collection of worship songs that explore authenticity, vulnerability, honesty, and the way the culmination of those three things brought him Back to Life.  Anthony explains, “Over the last year, God has given me one revelation after another through life experiences.  I decided to make Back To Life to share how what I've learned and what has been transforming in this chapter of my life."  The songs on Back To Life are both sonically diverse and vertically directed.  Along with "See You Again" and "Ever Be," which Anthony previously released, the album contains songs such as "Believe" which is a declarative anthem of our trust in a powerful and faithful God and the title track, "Back to Life," which will strongly resonate with people as it replaces fear and doubt with the truth and hope of Jesus Christ, rejoicing that He has overcome all of our struggles.  Check out all of these new songs from Anthony Evans, now available on iTunes.

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See You Again

Never Fail

I Found You

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