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New Spanish MultiTracks Available from Passion!

For Passion's brand new Spanish album titled Glorioso Díathe team has recorded new Spanish-language versions of favorite anthems that have been featured on their last few releases. "This album represents more than just new songs," they share. "It's the sound of living hearts. It is the sound of a generation passionate for Jesus. " Glorioso Día features 10 songs translated into Spanish including the worship favorite "Buen Padre" (Good Good Father), "Diez Mil Razones" (10,000 Reasons) and "Construir Mi Vida" (Build My Life) among many others.  We are now offering the MultiTracks, CustomMixes, and RehearsalMixes for each song on the album and encourage you to integrate them into your Spanish worship services.  Glorioso Día is now available on iTunes so be sure to download your copy today!

Glorioso Día - Passion

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