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Great Gear for Running Multitracks

Playback User Management

Last year, we launched a MultiTrack iPad app called Playback and we've seen a number of churches begin to use the app in their worship services. We created Playback to be used in live performance by a music director on a worship team, but what surprised us was how many of you wanted to share Playback as a means to allow your team members to rehearse their parts if they had an iPad.

Mixer+Audio Interface+In-Ear System for less then $1400? PreSonus RM16 AI REVIEW

Are you getting started with running MultiTracks? Is your church looking to purchase a new soundboard? The RM 16 AI from PreSonus may be the perfect solution.

Keith McMillen's SoftStep and 12 Step Now Available in our Online Store!

The Keith McMillen SoftStep and 12 Step are two extremely flexible USB powered MIDI controllers that give you the ability to trigger and run MultiTracks. The 12 Step is very easy to program and can have you up and running in minutes. Open an Ableton session use MIDI map mode and you're set to begin assigning triggers for your songs. It’s also small and portable and fits in most laptop bags. Although the SoftStep has more programable options, it does require more setup time. Once you download the SoftStep music software you can assign all your parameter settings. Once your pedal is setup you'll be able to trigger your MultiTrack session, fade in tracks, and have the ability to to control effects. In addition to controlling sounds, the SoftStep can also be used with anything that will accept MIDI or OSC data such as lighting effects, video and more.

Ableton Live Keyboard by Editor Keys

Editing a session in Ableton Live can take a little time when you first get started. Knowing keyboard shortcuts can save you time and energy as you work through your edits. The Ableton computer keyboard by Editor Keys is a great product to help you navigate through your session quickly and help you memorize the most needed shortcuts.

Please visit the Exclusive Content section of our Facebook to view this video!

Gear Video: Axiom Pro 49

We're always getting questions on what MIDI controllers we recommend.  There are many great keyboard controllers in the market today, but the Axiom Pro 49 keyboard controller by M-Audio really stands out to us on both quality and value.   The keyboard comes with premium TruTouch action, proprietary HyperControl MIDI mapping technology and a host of pads and faders that are great for MIDI and MutliTrack triggers.


SoundCue is a great App for triggering LiteTracks from an iPad. This App retails for $14.99 on the app store and it has a simple layout and it's easy to use.  Functionally it's a great option for triggering LiteTracks from an iPad or iPhone.


Lemur is a professional iOS controller app that doesn't cut any corners.Major stadium-touring acts use Lemur on stage. The original hardware version was introduced to the public in 2004 and Lemur software now benefits from nearly 10 years of development.Lemur turns your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate hands-on controller. Connect via Wi-Fi or USB MIDI and within seconds you're controlling multiple elements of your music environment with ease. Either use one of the many existing templates or create your own quickly and easily with the easy-to-use drag'n'drop editor. This is a great app for running MultiTracks as well as mixing your tracks with ease from your iPad.                              

The Importance of In-Ear Monitors

Having a good in-ear monitor mix is important not only for your performance but to protect your ears as well.  Joe Sidoti from Sidoti Sound talks about the importance of keeping both ear-buds in your ears. Wearing only one in-ear can cause ear fatigue which can ultimately alter your performance and impact your hearing.  Check out some valuable tips in this video! 

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