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Album ArtworkIntermediate

Ableton Live for Worship (feat. The Digital Age)

Will Doggett


Bwack Ableton Setup In Depth Walkthrough

By The Digital Age

In this video Will Doggett sits down with Bwack from The Digital Age to talk about his Ableton setup in depth. You'll see how he sets up Session View, and how The Digital Age uses Ableton Live to control their Lights, Lyrics and Videos. You'll learn why The Digital Age uses Ableton Live and why they chose to automate all their Production Elements. You'll see how Ableton Live can fit into your onstage setup and allow you to spend less time fiddiling with your computer and more time making music.

In this course you'll see how The Digital Age incorporates Ableton Live into their setup for Tracks, Keys, and to control Lights, Lyrics, and Video.

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