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Tips and Tricks featuring Peter James

By Peter James

In this session, Peter James will show you various tips and tricks using Omnisphere and MainStage. He’ll walk you through his setup and share some of the tips he’s learned throughout the years as a keys player.

0:17 Balancing Patch Levels

2:04 PRO TIP: Match Levels of Patches Using your Ears not Just Meters

3:56 PRO TIP: Use EQ & Volume to Match Patches to Create a Consistent Sound Each Week

4:53 MIDI Mappings in MainStage

6:20 PRO TIP: Add a Reverb to your Master Bus to add Reverb to any Patch

6:32 Lexicon Plugin Bundles

  • Lexicon PCM Total Plug-in Bundle
  • Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle

7:21 Native Instruments "The Giant"

  • Native Instruments Komplete 10

7:38 Dynamic Range vs. Compression

9:21 Using Reverb on Piano

10:00 PRO TIP: EQ out low frequencies on long Reverb Repeats to Clean Up your Sound

10:22 PRO TIP: Increase the feedback of your Reverb to help transition between Patches

14:48 Slider Minimum & Maximum Values

15:42 PRO TIP: Set the max value of your faders to zero to help keep your volume from clipping

16:54 Tips on How to EQ your Sounds

20:10 PRO TIP: Boost Frequencies to better hear problem areas that you can then cut

22:15 Transitioning Patches in MainStage

23:35 Creating Patches for Songs

30:24:00 Analog vs. Digital

34:45:00 Reverse Engineering Sounds

38:12:00 Using Plugins to Shape your Sounds

  • Ohmicide Plugin

39:44:00 Ohm Force Plugins

  • Ohm Force All All Bundle
  • Ohmicide Plugin

40:48:00 Voxen Elephant

41:53:00 SPL Twin Tube Plugin

43:11:00 Waves CLA Guitars Plugin

50:44:00 Best Plugins to Start with?

  • MainStage 3
  • Omnisphere 2

51:17:00 Native Instruments "The Giant"

  • Native Instruments Komplete 10

51:25:00 Ebony Grand-Imperfect Samples

54:05:00 Spitfire Audio-Soft Piano

  • Spitfire Audio Felt Piano
  • Spitfire Labs intro
  • This I Believe(The Creed)

54:56:00 Vahalla Shimmer Reverb is hosting an incredible gathering for worship leaders, keyboard players, and anyone interested in using their computer for Sound Design. The event features both Peter James (from Hillsong) and Ian McIntosh (from Jesus Culture). They’ll be talking about how to get started with using your computer for keys sounds, creating great sounds, and will be sharing tips & tricks they’ve picked up throughout the years. This is an incredible opportunity for both you and the keys players on your team to learn from two of the best musicians and sound designers in worship music today.

Omnisphere, Mainstage
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