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Creating Great Sounds with What you Already Have

By Ian McIntosh

In this session, Ian McIntosh will show you how to create great sounds no matter what gear or software you have. You’ll learn basics of synthesis, how to use effects, and he’ll show you a few Sound Design Secrets in Reason.

0:00 Creating Great Sounds with What You Already Have

1:54 Sound Sources

5:29 Synth Waveforms

5:34 Saw Wave

5:57 Square Wave

6:06 Triangle Wave

6:14 Sine Wave

7:29 Filters

  • Audio Filter
  • What's A Filter?

8:04 Types of Filters

9:58 Low Pass Filter

10:52 High Pass Filter

11:08 Band Pass Filter

11:29 Notch Filter

12:43 Modifiers-Envelopes & LFO's

12:53:00 "How I learned this stuff"

  • Alesis Qs8.1

15:31 Envelopes

15:37 Intro to ADSR

16:15:00 What Is An Envelope?

16:56:00 Pro Tip: "Increase the Attack on a Pad to Create a Volume Swell"

17:40:00 Pro Tip: "Increasing the Release of a Sound can simulate Reverb"

17:58:00 LFO

  • LFO
  • What Is An LFO?

18:20 Pro Tip: "Assign a LFO to Parameters to Create Movement"

19:28:00 Portamento

19:57:00 Pro Tip: "Enable Portamento and Change Voices to 1 on Lead Synths for Legato Leads"

20:32:00 Effects

22:31 Pro Tip: "Add Delay and Reverb to a Sound to Create Width"

23:59:00 Pro Tip: "Use Reverb and Auto Filter to Transform your Piano Sound"

25:48:00 Pro Tip: "Map your Reverb Effect Level to a Knob to Quickly Transform your Sounds"

26:59:00 Pro Tip: "Try Using Guitar Pedals with your Keyboard to add Effects easily"

42:09:00 Electric Grand Piano

  • Keane - Somewhere Only We Know

28:27:00 What Controller Do you Use?

  • Livid CNTRL

29:55:00 Has your Computer Ever Crashed Live?

32:53:00 How Complicated are Your Patches?

35:00:00 How many Patches do you Use Live? is hosting an incredible gathering for worship leaders, keyboard players, and anyone interested in using their computer for Sound Design. The event features both Peter James (from Hillsong) and Ian McIntosh (from Jesus Culture). They’ll be talking about how to get started with using your computer for keys sounds, creating great sounds, and will be sharing tips & tricks they’ve picked up throughout the years. This is an incredible opportunity for both you and the keys players on your team to learn from two of the best musicians and sound designers in worship music today.

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