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Controlling Video with Ableton Live


Using It On Stage


In this Section we're going to deal with the practical aspect of using this on stage. We'll talk about how to solve common problems and what to do when something goes wrong!

00:25 Dealing with Latency

  • Is it consistent? Adjust for it
  • If not.. switch connection method
  • Wireless is a big culprit.. Public Networks

02:02 What to do if something goes wrong?

  • Stay Calm!!! Think Logically!
  • Routing (Ableton, Virtual Connections)
  • Connections, What's most likely to Fail?
  • Wrong Cues
  • Wrong File (Old arrangement etc..)
  • When possible use seperate machines for each element

In this course you’ll learn how to control video from Ableton Live. We’ll specifically take a look at how to use Ableton Live to control Pro Video Player 2 and Qlab. You’ll also learn how to use video in Live directly. We’ll look at how to program cues efficiently each week, and how to have freedom when using video content live.

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