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Controlling Video with Ableton Live


Getting Started Controlling Video with Ableton Live


In this lesson we'll talk about all the concepts you need to know before we dig into actual programming of cues. We'll talk about Why it's worth doing this, and provide a basic gear list.

00:32 Types of Video Content

  • Background Video
  • Foreground Video

00:37 Background Video

  • Focus is not on this content
  • Sync isn’t as big of a deal
  • Lyric Backgrounds

01:33 Foreground Video

  • Focus is on this content
  • Sync is a big deal
  • Lyric Video
  • Intro Videos

02:18Two Goals when using a Video Playback System

02:24 Playback

  • We’re creating content elsewhere, or purchasing, and we just need to Playback the Content
  • GOALS: Sync the Playback Position, Sync to a tempo

03:10 Creative

  • We want to creatively alter the video in our software, or create something new from it.
  • GOALS: Same as Playback, but also control effect levels, etc..

03:39 Potential Sync Problems with Video Playback

  • Syncing Timeline Position
  • Don’t worry too much with losing sync live
  • If you stop in rehearsal, you have to start again from the top, because there’s no way to transmit timeline location

04:40 -Syncing Tempo/Changing Tempo

  • Most people live with this limitation
  • There are solutions to allow the video to flex with you

05:25Traditional Video Playback Setup

  • Controlled by the Lighting Console
  • At this Cue, play this video
  • The video can be manipulated in realtime from the lighting console via a Media Server

06:40 What is a Media Server?

  • Essentially a Computer dedicated to playback and manipulate video

07:11 Green Hippo Hippotizer

08:04 Coolux Pandoras Box

08:35 This doesn’t have to be a HUGE purchase.

  • This could be a Mac Mini running Video Software

09:13 Pro Systems Group Catalyst

09:39Things to Consider when Creating a Media Server

  • Hard Drive Space
  • Hard Drive Speed
  • CPU
  • Graphics Card
  • Don’t always think Industry Standard

11:15 Video Control Solutions/Products

11:18 ProPresenter

  • MIDI Module
  • Bome's MIDI Translator

13:44 Qlab

14:55 Resolume Arena/Avenue

16:13 Arkaos Grand VJ

  • Videos from Sweetwater with The Digital Age

18:12Video Control Options

18:38 DMX

  • Sending DMX from Ableton Live?
  • Ableton can't natively send DMX
  • What is DMX?

19:55 DMax

  • Requires Max4Live or Ableton Live Suite

20:33 DMXis

21:58 MIDI

  • Notes
  • CC

25:33 SMPTE

  • What is SMPTE?
  • Generating SMPTE Tracks online
  • Controlling Lights with Bwack

28:43 MTC

  • Midi Version of SMPTE

29:43 Live MTC

32:23 MSC

  • Bome's MIDI Translator

In this course you’ll learn how to control video from Ableton Live. We’ll specifically take a look at how to use Ableton Live to control Pro Video Player 2 and Qlab. You’ll also learn how to use video in Live directly. We’ll look at how to program cues efficiently each week, and how to have freedom when using video content live.

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