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Controlling Video with Ableton Live

Will Doggett


Controlling ProPresenter with Ableton Live

By Will Doggett

In this lesson we'll take a look at how to Control ProPresenter with Ableton Live. This isn't a comprehensive look at Contorlling ProPresenter but will give you an overview of using it for background videos and lyric videos

  • Foreground
  • Background Video

01:35 Working with Background Video

04:34 Working with Lyric Videos

In this course you’ll learn how to control video from Ableton Live. We’ll specifically take a look at how to use Ableton Live to control Pro Video Player 2 and Qlab. You’ll also learn how to use video in Live directly. We’ll look at how to program cues efficiently each week, and how to have freedom when using video content live.

Ableton, ProPresenter
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