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Controlling Lyrics with Ableton Live

Will Doggett


Using it On Stage

By Will Doggett

In this Lesson we're going to deal with the practical aspect of using this on stage. We'll talk about how to solve common problems and what to do when something goes wrong!

00:21 Dealing with Latency

01:22 Is the Latency Consistent? If so...Adjust for it

02:06 If the Latency isn't consistent...Change your connection type

  • Wireless is a big culprit.. Public Networks

02:52 What to do if something goes wrong?

03:02 Stay Calm and think logically!

04:01 Check your Routing and Connections

  • Check Ableton Track Routing
  • Check ProPresenter Input Routing
  • Connections, What's most likely to Fail?

05:47 Are you Using the Wrong Cues/Files?

  • Are you Sending the Wrong Cues?
  • Do you have the Wrong File Open?

06:10 Test everything before service

06:42 Don't change things before service

07:14 Changing/Editing the Arrangement

07:27 Name your files to reflect correct arrangement

07:50 Using Live's Edit Time Commands when editing your arrangement

  • Ableton Live Time Commands
  • Drop back into Set

09:54 Same Computer vs. Different Computer

  • Seperate Machines provide reliability if one machine goes down
  • Do you have a Video Input on Stage?

In this course you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to Control ProPresenter for lyrics and video. We’ll take a look at how to do this in both ProPresenter 5 and 6 and show you the differences between the two versions. You’ll learn how to program cues and load them into a set efficiently, so you don’t have to repeat your work every week. And finally you’ll learn how you can skip around and repeat sections of your songs, and the lyrics will follow.

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