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Controlling Lyrics with Ableton Live

Will Doggett



By Will Doggett

This lesson is a compilation of questions from our Live Webinar.

00:04 When running Ableton and ProPresenter on different computers, do you need the MIDI Module for both computers?

00:26 Is it possible to run lyrics without ProPresenter?

01:29 Is an Intel Core i5 Processor with 4GB of RAM enough to run Ableton, lyrics, and lights?

02:40 Is there a way to send a MIDI signal to enable/disable the command "Show slide on stage display only"?

03:09 Is there a way to run a Cat-5 cable to communicate to different machines running different programs?

04:24 If you only put the chorus in once in ProPresenter, won't that affect the next slide in the stage display? I.E. will the musicians see the wrong lyrics for Verse 2?

In this course you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to Control ProPresenter for lyrics and video. We’ll take a look at how to do this in both ProPresenter 5 and 6 and show you the differences between the two versions. You’ll learn how to program cues and load them into a set efficiently, so you don’t have to repeat your work every week. And finally you’ll learn how you can skip around and repeat sections of your songs, and the lyrics will follow.

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