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Controlling Lights with Ableton Live

Will Doggett


Getting Started Controlling Lights with Ableton Li

By Will Doggett

In this Section we'll talk about all the concepts you need to know before we dig into actual programming of cues. We'll talk about Why it's worth doing this, and provide a basic gear list.

00:10 What this Course Isn’t

00:24 This Course is NOT about setting up and addressing Lights

01:16 This Course is not about how to program lights

01:55 Console vs. Computer?

  • Console-Hardwire MIDI or Audio Cable
  • Computer-Virtual Routing

02:42 Programming Concepts

  • Linear based programming vs. Cue based programming

03:37 Linear Programming

04:07 Cue based programming

05:25 Types of Lighting Control

  • Overview of Different Types of Control
  • Does Ableton Natively send it?

05:36 DMX

  • Sending DMX from Ableton Live?

06:45 DMax

  • Max 4 Live

08:15 DMXis

  • Purchase DMXis
  • Controlling Lights with Ableton Live featuring Bwack Video

10:14 MIDI

  • Notes
  • CC
  • Best to make templates for MIDI Clips

14:11 SMPTE

  • Generating SMPTE
  • Bring this Audio Down (When the SMPTE track is played)

16:44 MTC

  • Midi Version of SMPTE
  • Using Live MTC

18:10 MSC

  • MIDI Cues

In this course you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to Control lighting.

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