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Sorry to Grieve You God By TAYA

Sorry to Grieve You God


V1Verse 1
PrPre Chorus 1
C1Chorus 1
V2Verse 2
PrPre Chorus 2
C2Chorus 2
B1Bridge 1
C3Chorus 3
B2Bridge 2
C4Chorus 4
Original Master
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Verse 1

Here in the age of power
I’m calling out from weakness
Far from Your heart and yet
You’re not too far to reach us

Pre Chorus 1

Carried us when our legs
Were broken
Bodies and the wind knocked out
From our lungs
And yet we have the gall
To cry for Barabbas
Then turn our eyes
Then turn our ears

Chorus 1

Sorry to grieve You God
Sorry to grieve You God

Verse 2

Here in the age of grace
Did we forget forgiveness
Don’t let us trade the cross
For temples made of comfort

Pre Chorus 2

Carried us in open arms
Bound and broken
Body and the wind knocked out
From Your lungs
And yet You have the will to cry out
Forgive them
Then close Your eyes
And wipe our tears

Chorus 2

How could I thank You God
How could I thank You God

Bridge 1

Good grief Your love for us
Fearless and fierce
For all of death’s grievances
The wager’s been cleared
Lord nothing could stop You
Then and now here
And nothing I do
Can undo what You did
So I’m done with the running
I’m done with these chains
Lord here I surrender
For all of my days

Chorus 3

I just want to praise you God
I just want to praise you God

Bridge 2

You are my mercy
You are my hope
You are the song
That my soul can’t withhold
At home in Your presence
What will I behold
A greater reward than
Streets made of gold
Between us just heaven
At last face to face
Will I hear well done

Chorus 4

I just want to please You God
I just want to please You God


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