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O Praise Him (All This For a King) [Live] By Shealy Worship

O Praise Him (All This For a King) [Live]

Shealy Worship - Shealy Worship (Live From Global Awakening)

V1Verse 1
PrPre Chorus 1
C1Chorus 1
V2Verse 2
C1Chorus 1
PrPre Chorus 2
C1Chorus 1
C1Chorus 1
C2Chorus 2
C1Chorus 1
Original Master
Time Sig:
God's Love Holiness Praise Redemption
Male Lead
David Crowder
Pure Mosaic Records


Verse 1

Turn your ear to Heaven
And hear the noise inside
The sound of angel's awe
The sound of angel's songs
And all this for our King
We could join and sing
All to Christ the King

Pre Chorus 1

How constant how divine
This song of ours will rise
How constant how divine
This love of ours will rise

Chorus 1

Oh praise Him Oh praise Him
He is holy He is holy

Verse 2

Turn your gaze to Heaven
And raise a joyous noise
The sound of salvation come
The sound of the rescued ones
And all this for a King
Angels join and sing
All for Christ our King

Chorus 1

Oh praise Him Oh praise Him
He is holy He is holy

Pre Chorus 2

How infinite and sweet
This love so rescued me
How infinitely sweet
This great love that has redeemed


As one we sing

Chorus 1

Oh praise Him Oh praise Him
He is holy He is holy

Chorus 2

Allelujah allelujah
Allelujah allelujah

Chorus 1

Oh praise Him Oh praise Him
He is holy He is holy

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