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Long Live The King By Influence Music

Long Live The King

Influence Music - Long Live The King

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V2Verse 2
C1Chorus 1
V3Verse 3
C2Chorus 2
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Verse 1

There in crown of thorn & thistle
The King of Jews was found
On a cross bloodied and broken
Crimson river flowing down
As darkness fell upon Golgotha
Tortured body wrapped in shroud
Our Messiah laid beneath the ground

Verse 2

Every curse upon His shoulders
With our sin He was adorned
Perfect Lamb led to the slaughter
As a ransom for our souls
One last act and it was finished
Pow'r of sin and veil were torn
On this cross was our victory won
By His love He would overcome

Chorus 1

Long live the King
The wrath of God and man now satisfied
Long live the King
Once and once for all He paid the price
That none might die
Now every sin and sickness
Bows its knee
And I can't help but
Lift my hands and sing
Long live the King

Verse 3

Then within the bowels of Hades
A trembling was made
The very breath of God descended
Which death itself could not enslave
The exodus of ancient sinners
Marched in triumphal parade
Finally hell had been overcome
By Jesus Christ the Anointed One

Chorus 2

Long live the King
The Son of God is crowned With many crowns
Long live the King
Death and darkness fear Him And bow down
And lost are found
The souls of every sinner
Now redeemed
And I can't help but
Lift my hands and sing


Long Live the King
Long Live the King

Verse 4

In the early morning hours
God's Spirit filled the grave
Breathing Life into the body
Of the Lamb who had been slain
Resurrecting like a Lion
As the stone was rolled away
Jesus Christ now glorified
Yes our Redeemer He's alive

Chorus 3

Long live the King
Emmanuel ascends to take His throne
Long live the King
The train of His robe glides across the floor
Creation roars
A billion ancient stars
Bow down their knees
And I can't help but
Lift my hands and sing


Long Live the King
Long Live the King


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