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QA Analyst

Type: Full Time

Location: Austin, TX

Experience: Experience preferred but not required.

The QA team here at don’t just check our website - they piece together puzzles every day but with technology and checklists. If you love listening to the latest worship music, growing in your craft, solving interesting problems and being around like-minded people who continually challenge you to be better - this position may be a great fit for you.  

We believe the role would place you in a highly-energized environment with some of the most creative individuals as you test all facets of the ecosystem. We take pride in the fact that our apps & services are dependable and utilized by thousands of worship leaders all over the world!  


  • Testing our websites and services
  • Functional testing our iOS & Mac App Playback
  • Function testing our iOS & Android App ChartBuilder
  • Reviewing Developers work to ensure quality and accuracy
  • Building & Publishing our Apps and Services

Skills Required:

  • Strong computer and communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Works well in a “heads down” working environment for the majority of the day 

Helpful but not required:

  • Experience with Github a plus
  • Testing frameworks
  • Browser stack
  • Selenium
  • Understanding of music and experience with DAW's helpful
  • Knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, or French a plus
  • Cross-platform Mac & PC experience
  • iOS/Android experience helpful

We’re always investing in our team and company culture and we’re looking for individuals that love working in their strengths and those that desire to thrive on a healthy team. We're looking for positive individuals who are personable, enthusiastic, and team oriented. If this sounds like you, please pass along your resume and a cover letter letting us know why you'd be a great fit for this position. We're currently looking for the right candidate to join us here at our office in Austin,TX.


Only DOCX, DOC, or PDF files are accepted

Only DOCX, DOC, or PDF files are accepted
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