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Mainstage/Logic Producer

Type: Full Time

Location: Austin, TX or Remote

Experience: Intermediate to Advanced

We're looking for an experienced Mainstage/Logic Producer to join our Sounds production team. Our team is a group of highly creative, sharp, and innovative people working on a challenging suite of resources that push the boundaries as we blur the lines of creating, iterating and developing as a team. We're looking for motivated individuals that love to take initiative and create sounds and textures that will impact lots of people in meaningful ways.

Abilities required 

  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge in MainStage programming including:
    • Chord Triggers, Arpeggiators & the combination of the two to create melodic Sequencers.
    • Parameter mapping in edit window.
    • Replicating sounds from scratch starting from a blank MainStage channel strip using only native plugins and no resampling.
    • Intermediate mixing skills in order to combine created sounds into a finished track.
  • Intermediate to advanced musical knowledge including:
    • Listening to a Multitrack and learning by ear each keys part identically to the original, using Arps and Chord Triggers as needed to play them.
    • Understanding of arrangements and  which parts are essential to the makeup of a song patch.
    • Highly competent in chord voicings and understanding the significance of attention to detail in this area.

We're looking for positive individuals who are personable, enthusiastic, and team oriented. If this sounds like you, please pass along your resume and a cover letter letting us know why you'd be a great fit for this position.


Only DOCX, DOC, or PDF files are accepted

Only DOCX, DOC, or PDF files are accepted
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