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Getting Started with MultiTracks Webinar

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Join us for a free live webinar October 28 where we’ll take a look at how to get started with MultiTracks. Webinar topics will include the benefits of using MultiTracks, the 5 things you need to run MultiTracks, how to transition to a click track, how to set up an inexpensive in-ear system, and what resources are offered by If you’re new to the concept of playing with MultiTracks or click tracks, this webinar is definitely for you. The first 50 registrants that both register and attend the event will receive a free CustomMix! Everyone who attends will also have their name entered into win 50 Credits for If you’ve been wondering how to best get started with MultiTracks, this is a great webinar for you! We'll be offering the webinar at two times- 11AM and 5PM CT on Wednesday the 28th so that everyone will have a chance to attend. Make sure to register at It’s a free event but requires a account. If you don’t already have an account you can register for one for free when you sign up for the event.
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