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LUMINS | Jesus Lifted High

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Last year LUMINS was formed: a group made up of songwriters, producers and musicians from the Creative Collective at The Austin Stone. Their songs are a mix of EDM, synth pop, and live instruments. “It’s a really fresh, fun, high energy sound!” shares Kyle Lent, Director of Music with Austin Stone Worship.

Jesus Lifted High is a simple prayer and longing to see Jesus get the glory He deserves! We can trust His heart, even in our suffering. We can trust His way, even in our doubts. And we long to see His name lifted higher and higher, so that He might draw all people to Himself!” 

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LUMINS | "Nothing Can Separate"

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

LUMINS is the newest artist to be created from the Austin Stone Worship Creative Collective. This collaboration of songwriters, producers, and musicians blends elements of EDM, synth-pop, and live instrumentation with theologically-rich lyrics to create a fresh expression of worship. Relying heavily on classic synths, trap beats, and hypnotic melodies, the sound is driving, vibrant, and dance-inducing. Original Master MultiTracks for their debut single "Nothing Can Separate" are now available!

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