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Worship is the full-life response – head, heart, and hands – to who God is and what He has done. Our decision to worship is not rooted solely in emotion or feeling, but also in truth and biblical grounding. We worship not because of how we feel and what we’re going through, but because of who God is and what He has done. This truth is the guiding vision behind Texas-based worship band “JARRYD,” comprised of Jarryd Foreman (lead vocals, keys, guitar), Trey Glaspie (guitar), Will Scott (bass), and Zach Solomon (drums).

JARRYD is a musical project spearheaded by Jarryd Foreman, current Worship Leader and Director of Development at The Austin Stone. As the band takes time to write original worship songs, they continue to release fresh versions of church favorites such as Touch of Heaven and Living Hope. “Our goal isn’t really to write church music or get played on the radio. Our goal is to create a catalog of songs that have played a vital role in our lives personally. We believe that as worship leaders we lead people where we have been – into the presence of God – and we hope that our songs can help people get there.”

With over a decade of experience leading congregational worship, JARRYD seeks to engage the greater community by leading at events throughout the United States. As the band continues to lead worship at the Austin Stone Community Church’s North congregation in Round Rock, TX, they are available for booking both locally and abroad.

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