MultiTracks are not what is commonly known as an accompaniment track. MultiTracks consist of all the parts from a recording, individually separated out for a worship leader to run from any music software or DAW (Ableton Live, Garage Band, Logic, ProTools, Studio One) and can be run from the stage, almost like adding another instrument to your team. You can mute or un-mute any part you want to add to your team or solo to teach parts in a rehearsal. MultiTracks will include all the individual stems from the original master recording or re-tracked master-except the lead vocal. If you see the green "Master" over the album artwork, it the original master recording. We give you access to every key that we have available when you purchase a MultiTrack from us at MultiTracks are purchased on a credit system. Fill your account with as many credits as you like and simply download your MultiTracks when you need them. When available you may choose .m4a or .wav which is a much larger and higher quality file. File sizes and quality vary. For instructional videos on how to import your files into a music software, visit our Training page. When available, you can get a full preview of the individual stems in our CustomMixer™.