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MultiTracks Now Available from Evangeline Inman Presents Cornerstone Worship

Evangeline Inman is a notable singer, songwriter, producer, and multiple award-winning recording artist who has released 10 albums and written over 1,000 songs.  As the lead pastor of Cornerstone Worship Centre in Fredericton, NB Canada and the founder and president of Women Who Worship conferences, she feels called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hurting, broken, and heavy-laden through her songwriting, preaching, and writing.  We are pleased to bring you the MultiTracks from her recent release Evangeline Inman Presents Cornerstone Worship.

Evangeline shares, "From the very beginning, God set us apart as a house of worship. From within our congregation grew a 24/7 worship and prayer center, and our worship leaders quickly went from leading 30 minutes a week to several hours a day. As we sat at the feet of Jesus at all hours of the day and committed our hearts to seeking His face, we saw songs pouring out of us like never before. God, who gives more than enough, gave us hundreds of songs as we simply dwelt in His presence. This album is a release of the words we've heard Him speak over His children and declare over His church."

Evangeline is joined by Naomi Knoll, Marquelle Piers, and Stephanie Israelson leading songs that glorify and exalt. "Everyday" recognizes the blessings and mercies that God gives us every day. It has a light, folk sound and an infectious joy that drives it as it praises, "Where could I turn that You would not be waiting? Where could I go that Your blessings wouldn't flow when every day You bring there's blessings that are rising, with every dawn that breaks there's freedom that's awaiting." "Elder's Song" is a gorgeous anthem that references Revelation 4 and rejoices in the truth that one day we will come before the throne of God and join with all of heaven to worship Him, "We will praise You face to face. We will see You unashamed and we will dance with the joy of the Lord. We will praise You face to face. We will see You unashamed and we will dance with the joy of the Lord as we sing Holy, Holy is the Lord.God Almighty. Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty." "Latter Rain" speaks of revival and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit across God's people.  The music is rich and worshipful, reflecting the message of the song and inviting the Spirit of God to move in us.

We encourage you to check out all the songs on this project!  It's available for download on iTunes.

Evangeline Inman Presents Cornerstone Worship - Evangeline Inman

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